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What if you could earn points from the millions of people tweeting every day? Well, now you can.

Hashtag Rental Game is a unique strategy game that leverages the social, trending nature of Twitter.

Players rent Hashtags and then watch their points tick up as people around the world use that Hashtag in real time. The more popular a Hashtag is, the more points players earn.

Compete against the world on high scores or create a private high score list to see how you stack up against your friends.

So, do you think you know what’s trending? Try Hashtag Rental Game and see.


  • Sign in with Twitter or play as Guest.
  • Earn points as your Hashtags are tweeted in real time.
  • Strategically time and plan your Hashtag rentals to maximize the amount of points. Renting a trending Hashtag too early or too late can be the difference between tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of points.
  • Level up to unlock more rental slots, longer durations, and themes.
  • Earn bonuses for being a Trend Starter in the game.
  • Earn Cancel Tokens as you level up. Use them to instantly cancel and redeem a Hashtag early.
  • Compete on the global high scores and against friends on your private list.
  • Every 30 minutes, high score points decrease by 5% giving everyone the opportunity to reach the top, but you'll want to continue playing to keep those points adding up.



Jason O'Neill, California, USA

Release Date

April 3, 2017


iPhone, iPad, and Android



What Players are Saying

"I’m not typically a gamer but Hashtag Rental Game is addicting. Love watching the green bar pop up and my points rack up at lightning speeds."
"Being able to play as a guest was a big plus since I didn’t want to create a Twitter account."
"One of the coolest features in the game is unlocking color themes. I can change colors based on my mood."
"Even if you’re not competitive, this game will make you become that way."
"I've actually learned stuff about world events because of this game."

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